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Tips: what is the NFC for on your smartphone?

On your phone, you may have seen NFC in the settings. What does this acronym mean and especially what is it for you? Some answers below.

Let’s get rid of the question straight away. NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication. For those who are not comfortable with the language of Shakespare, it means Near Field Communication. This is an increasingly popular technology on smartphones but also other connected products such as headphones or connected watches. It is the same technology present on your Navigo card or even the contactless of your bank cards. The goal is to transmit information between two devices at a very close distance.

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How to activate or deactivate the NFC on your mobile phone?

First of all, you should know that NFC technology hardly consumes any battery on an Android smartphone or your iPhone. The consumption is really minimal compared to other wireless features. On your Android phone, you have two options to turn it off or do the opposite:

  • Scroll through the phone menu by sliding your finger from the top of the screen
  • Press the little pencil to reveal all the functions
  • Select NFC to change it from blue to gray or vice versa

Note, however, that this method differs according to the manufacturers and especially according to the overlays of the operating system. This is why there is another method a little more tedious:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab with a gear symbol
  • Click on wireless and Bluetooth connections
  • Then you just have to deactivate or activate the NFC button

It remains to be seen all the same why such technology exists and especially what it is used for on your smartphone. See you below, MeilleurMobile gives you more details.

How can you use this technology on your smartphone?

The NFC has several features available. First of all, be aware that with this technology it is possible to save your bank details on very secure applications such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. This will allow you to pay contactless at some of your merchants. As with your bank card, all you need to do is bring your smartphone to the payment terminal for this to happen. For several years, RATP has even offered a wireless subscription for the Navigo card from your smartphone.

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It is also possible to pair another NFC product by putting the two devices in contact. The last feature offered is the transfer of information. Whether on bus stops or historic places, you just have to bring your smartphone to find out more. Similar to what is done with QR Codes.

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Tips: what is the NFC for on your smartphone?

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