Samsung has created a new camera app for photography enthusiasts

The camera application on Samsung smartphones offers, in addition to basic functions, a few more advanced ones, such as RAW format support for the primary and ultra-wide angle sensor, Director’s View mode or the Single Take function. Now, however, the South Korean manufacturer has prepared something for professionals as well. According to the Android Authority portal, it has released a new Galaxy Expert Raw application for selected models, which offers even more advanced options.

In addition to the necessary basics, the application also brings support for the lossless JPEG-LS format or the multi-image 16-bit RAW format for all rear sensors, Pro mode with the option to manually set the ISO or shutter speed and HDR function.


Currently, it can only be found in the Galaxy Store, where it is available in beta. However, the disadvantage is that it is currently only available for owners of the Galaxy S21 Ultra with Android 12. Later, support for the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy Tab S5e should be added later. The release date of the stable version is not yet known, nor is it known whether the application will later be available for other models.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra displej
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Zdroj: Miroslav Schwamberg

The camera also has advanced camera applications

While most manufacturers want to make it easier for users to create quality photos, Sony does the exact opposite. In recent years, it has adapted its devices to users who prefer the manual to automation. Its Photo Pro and Cinema Pro applications turn Sony smartphones into compact SLRs.

Google Pixels with various original features also offers a sophisticated camera application. However, in this case, the manufacturer relies mainly on artificial intelligence. There are options in it, such as RAW format support or simple Pro mode, but with most creative and interesting functions, all you have to do is tap the shutter button and the software will take care of the result.

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