Are your AirPods no longer charging? Try these solutions

Do your AirPods suddenly stop charging? That’s annoying, but you can probably solve the problem yourself fairly easily. Here are 6 tips.

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If your AirPods stop charging

You charge AirPods by putting them in the included charging case. Depending on which version you have, that cover has enough power to power the earbuds three to five times. But, what do you do when the AirPods suddenly stop charging?

1. Is there contact?

When you put your AirPods in the charging case, you should hear a clicking sound. At this point, the magnets of the earplugs are making contact with those of the holder and charging is possible.

Can’t hear a clicking sound? Then check whether there is any dirt in the case of the AirPods, so that the earbuds do not fit completely. There is little space in the charging case, so a little dirt quickly throws a spanner in the works. Tip: you can remove this with a cotton swab.

2. Cleaning

Also important: when your AirPods are dirty, there may be dust or something else around the connector tips at the bottom. This may prevent the earbuds from connecting to the magnets of the charging box. So it is always worth cleaning the bottom of your AirPods.

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3. Another cable works wonders

Don’t see a green light when charging your AirPods case? Then there may be no connection to the power supply at the moment, so first check whether the cable is properly placed in the box. Remove any dust or other dirt from the connection of the box.

Also check immediately whether the plug is really in the socket. Still no contact? Then try to see if it works with a different cable.

Are you charging wirelessly? Then try to place the AirPods charging case in different places on the wireless charging mat to check on which points it works.

4. Firmware Update

If you haven’t updated your AirPods in a while, the problem may be in the firmware. Every so often, Apple releases a new software update and you need those updates for the earbuds to work properly. Therefore, try to update the AirPods.

5. Reset

Did the above tips not help? Then try to reset the AirPods. At that point, the earbuds will go to factory settings and you will have to pair with your iPhone, iPad or Mac again. The advantage of resetting is that unexplained problems can be solved suddenly.

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6. When nothing works

Are your AirPods still not charging and have you already tried everything? Then there is nothing to do but return it. Check if the earbuds are still under warranty and return them to Apple (or place of purchase).

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