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RespiRelax – Thermes d’Allevard –

Little or no vacation, a lot of work? The Thermes d’Allevard offer you this application which will allow you to find calm and relaxation in just a few minutes thanks to techniques worked on and developed at length with Dr. David O’Hare*.

– Benefit from a respiratory guide bringing you to the state of cardiac coherence thanks to breathing 5 seconds /5 seconds (5/5 or 6 complete cycles per minute).
– Possibility of working on energizing or relaxing effects (slight increase or reduction of the phases of inspiration or expiration).
– Practice with your eyes closed thanks to the addition of music that follows the 5/5 rhythm. This original music was kindly composed by Pascal Gravante (1) (only in balance mode).
– For beginners, the “training” function allows you to gradually and easily reach the 5/5 rhythm over a 10-minute session.
– For experts, it is possible to adjust the inspiration time and the expiration time according to your physiological data, in particular the use of the 5.5/5.5 rhythm which seems to provide better results for some.
– Exercise, in prevention, three times a day; before a stressful event (public speaking, important decision, etc.); when you feel stressed or irritable; before you fall asleep. For the latter case, it is necessary to start with a session of a few minutes at a 5/5 rhythm then go to a 3/3 rhythm to activate sleep.

Using the app:
Step 1 :
– Make the RespiRelax settings according to the number of complete breaths per minute (default 6), the desired effect: balance, relaxation or dynamics and the duration of the exercise (no less than 3 minutes).
– Launch the application and synchronize your breathing on the bubble that goes up (I breathe in) and down (I breathe out). The reverse is also possible (I inhale on the descent and I exhale on the ascent) if you wish to coordinate your exercise with the ascent and descent of the diaphragm.
– In any case, you must breathe quietly, without forcing. Once you are comfortable it is simply a matter of focusing your attention on the region of the heart in the center of the chest.
2nd step :
– Imagine, then, that your breath goes in and out of your heart, at the level of the solar plexus. Inspirations and expirations remain wedged, very gently, on the bubble which goes up and down.
Step 3:
– While maintaining your attention on the heart and comfortable breathing, focus on remembering a pleasant moment. Try, then, to let come, without forcing, the feeling of satisfaction, well-being, or pleasure attached in your memory to this privileged moment.

* International expert in the field and author of various books on the subject including the famous “365 – guide to cardiac coherence day after day” and “Losing weight thanks to cardiac coherence”.
(1) – Pascal Gravante, Swiss composer.

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