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Google refreshes overview screen for places and locations

An improvement is made to the search overview when you search for a place or location. Google is expanding the functionality and usability of this considerably. Among other things, you now get access to, for example, the route and the weather at that location.

New place view in Google

Google has been quietly making changes to its search engine when you use it on your smartphone. DroidApp discovered that the place display of a search for a place or city has been greatly improved. Where you were previously presented with a photo, a small map cut-out and a piece of text, this is now more extensive. Now when you search for a location on your phone (or tablet), you get more information. It does not matter whether you are looking for a place in the Netherlands or in another country.

The new view does not show just one photo, but, if several photos are available, shows a slideshow with photos of the city in question. The entire module is cast in Material You style, as we know it from Android 13, for example. These are alternated with each other. Below that you will immediately find the current weather, together with the temperature of this moment. Below that you will find a tile with which you can navigate directly from your current destination to the chosen place. When you tap this, you will be redirected to the Google Maps app to start navigation. The map with a cut-out of the location can also be found in the new view, where this cut-out is a lot larger than the small piece from before.

Google is now rolling out the new map view to everyone.

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