Lidl no longer wants to direct advertising for unhealthy food to children

Being overweight, especially in childhood, can have serious health consequences. The discounter Lidl therefore now wants to take countermeasures and no longer direct advertising for unhealthy food to children from this year.

The corona pandemic has not only changed our everyday life, but also had profound effects, especially for children and young people. Then according to a Forsa poll every sixth child in Germany has become fatter since the beginning of the pandemic.

Almost half moved less than before. The consumption of sweets also increased in about a quarter of the children during this time.

This could also be linked to increased media usage during the lockdown period. Because like the RKI in a Brochure on factors influencing childhood obesity writes, television goes hand in hand with low energy consumption.

This is also often associated with “the consumption of energy-dense snacks”. This is mainly due to the fact that television advertising for sweets or sugary drinks “increases the consumption of such products by children”.

Advertising: Lidl no longer wants to lure children with unhealthy food

That’s why Lidl has good resolutions in its luggage for the new year. Because the discounter wants to start in the 2023 financial year new standards in children’s marketing set. Lidl “basically no longer wants to advertise unhealthy food to children”. Exceptions to this are promotional items for Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Lidl is the first German food retailer to implement a corresponding recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Instead, the discounter wants to promote “healthy and sustainable nutrition for children” in its marketing in the future. By the end of 2025, all Lidl own-brand food that has a children’s look on the packaging should meet the WHO criteria for healthy food.

Discounter wants to promote conscious nutrition

Lidl is “aware of the fact that nutrition has a significant impact on the climate, biodiversity and health”. Therefore, the discounter wants to “actively keep up with the transformation to sustainable nutrition”.

“With the measures as part of our strategy for conscious eating, we want to spread more sustainable consumption and a healthier lifestyle,” explains Lidl’s Purchasing Manager Christoph Graf.

For the measures, the discounter relied on the scientific findings of the Planetary Health Diet oriented.

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