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There was an interesting changing of guards in Gearbox. Although not as shocking as it may seem at first glance. Co-founder of the famous studio Randy Pitchford announcedthat his new colleague Steve Jones has become the president of Gearbox Software. He will now be in charge of all game production and development. On the one hand, Pitchford remains with the head of the parent organization within the structure, Gearbox Entertainment Company, and he will also lead the newly formed Gearbox Studios division, which focuses on film and television. For the sake of completeness, we would like to add that the company also has a publishing branch called Gearnox Publishing, led by Steve Gibson.

Until now, Steve Jones has held the position of CTO at Gearbox. In addition to game adaptations, Randy Pitchford will oversee the company as a whole, but will probably no longer be so actively involved in Gearbox game development. As for his activities in the field of film and television, it is worth mentioning only the recently prepared film based on Borderlands and a series inspired by the series Brothers in Arms. Jones, who will primarily lead the development of future titles, has been Pitchford’s closest colleague for over 20 years, so the community obviously doesn’t have to worry about continuity. Pitchford also revealed that the company has several AAA games in development.

Founded in 1999, Gearbox made a name for itself with Valve’s first Half-Life data discs. He has an Opposing Force or Blue Shift on his account. The studio became even more famous thanks to its own series Brothers in Arms and Borderlands. Gearbox also acquired the rights to the Duke Nukem and Homeworld brands, in 2015 it also started releasing foreign games, and in April this year the company became part of the Embracer Group.

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