Samsung realigns the Galaxy S22 and S21 FE

Samsung didn’t have much success with the Galaxy S21. There are therefore great hopes for the Galaxy S21 FE, which is to become a cheaper alternative. After some back and forth, the timetable for the Fan Edition but also for the Galaxy S22 should finally be ready. Not everyone will like it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in January, Galaxy S22 later

The rumor mill is in turmoil. The Galaxy S21 FE, which should have been presented weeks ago, but was then probably withdrawn, is now supposed to appear. Samsung is supposed to get on a performance scheduled for January 2021 to have. The Galaxy S21 FE is said to be loud only by press release SamMobile then revealed and launched. Delays occurred as Samsung couldn’t find enough chips to produce.

This also has a negative effect on the Galaxy S22. According to SamMobile, Samsung should not bring the next top smartphone to the market earlier in December 2021, but in February 2022 even later than actually proceed. The normal release was actually planned for January 2022. But it shouldn’t come to that.

Samsung wants to bring the Galaxy S21 FE to market and create a buffer of one month between the release of this smartphone and the Galaxy S22. Samsung currently has the problem with both smartphones that not enough chips are available. This could mean that the smartphones are not available in the usual high numbers at the start and there are waiting times.

Samsung has to step up: Im Video do you see how Xiaomi trumps the Galaxy S21:

Samsung is looking for chips

Samsung hit the chip crisis late, but now with full hardship. Even the Samsung Mobile boss has been traveling around to get more processorsto be able to produce smartphones. It will be exciting to see how the situation develops in the coming weeks and months and whether the delays are confirmed.

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