Watch: Intel launches most embarrassing anti-Apple ad yet

Apple gets the brunt of Intel more often, but until now, a mud-throwing ad has never been more awkward and meaningless than this one.

Intel is not averse to a smear campaign here and there. The chipmaker was recently sidelined by Apple after a tumultuous partnership. Ever since Apple makes its own M1 processors instead of buying chips from Intel, the latter has been a bit hurt. So hurt that the company’s marketing team chose to launch the most embarrassing smear campaign ever.

Intel Distributes Itself With Anti-Apple Ads

The idea behind the advertising campaign is as follows. Intel invites dedicated Apple fanatics to provide feedback on the tech giant’s products. What the participants do not know is that an existing laptop from Intel itself is secretly described, which is revealed at the end. And lo and behold, Apple fans are suddenly “overwhelmed” by Intel’s tech.

At least, that’s how it works on paper. In reality, everyone and their mother have huge doubts about an ad like this. Are the participants just actors? What were the people told before entering space? Did they think they should play along with an Apple promotion? How many participants were cut out because they didn’t want to deal with the nonsense that Intel sells?

In short, it is clear that Intel is simply trying to ridicule Apple with the nonsensical advertising. In the process, it also makes fun of itself. No one believes what is happening in the video and if it is real, what does it say exactly? Do you have to have a double touchscreen to be a fan of a brand? The brilliant thing about the embarrassing stunt, on the other hand, is that everyone criticizes the video en masse. And let Intel get extra exposure in this way.

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