PITAKA Carbon – lightweight carbon fiber bracelet for the Apple Watch in the test

Apple has done something right with its watch for years: bracelets can be exchanged at will and usually also work with every new generation (unless you switch to the larger version). Therefore, there are now countless providers who offer alternatives to Apple’s own wristbands. It’s worth it, a Twitter survey we conducted showed that our readers do not prefer a specific provider.

We therefore looked at the carbon from PITAKA because it stands out from the crowd because of one thing: the material. Because the manufacturer has stood out for some time as a specialist in carbon fiber, the fibers should be particularly light, stable and durable. For our test, I was in different saunas, did a few laps in the swimming pool or just rated the comfort in everyday life.

The material is high quality, but the design takes getting used to.

It quickly turns out that the carbon is not suitable for everyone. Because opinions quickly differ when it comes to design. This is in the same style as other PITAKA products and has a black pattern. In my opinion, the ribbon can always be worn for casual everyday life, but if it needs to be a bit fancier, the carbon doesn’t really fit into the wardrobe.

One reason for this is also the material, which initially gives the impression of plastic. However, especially when it comes to stability, you quickly notice the difference to cheaper tapes: The carbon is felt to be indestructible in everyday life. It cannot be bent or broken, nor can environmental influences such as heat, water or dirt damage the bracelet. Out in the rain? Check! In the sauna? Check! In the pool? Check!

Removing or adding links is a bit of a hassle.

During the day, the carbon feels like any tape from Apple, neither is it too tight on the arm, nor does it leave an uncomfortable feeling on the skin. The magnetic closure holds it bomb-proof and ensures that it is safe to wear. Nevertheless, there are also some points of criticism that I would like to address in the next sections.

First there is the facility: If you don’t have the “PITAKA arm”, then the length of the band has to be adjusted. This is done with a kind of SIM tool, links that are not required are pinched off and then the band is put back together again. That’s pretty demanding, especially when you don’t have the calmest hands.

Then there is the high price. The bracelet currently costs through the official sales channel (Amazon) just under 95 euros. This is quite expensive for a third-party bracelet, even if the costs arise from the use of the high-quality carbon fiber. Many are likely to shy away from such an investment.

During the day, the bracelet lies comfortably on the arm.

Due to its high quality material and light weight, carbon from PITAKA will surely find one or two lucky buyers. The Apple Watch is held securely, at the same time it seems as if the band is made to last. Before making a purchase, however, it is advisable to consider whether such an investment makes sense due to the high price: If you are looking for a bracelet for outdoor activities or casual everyday life, I can recommend buying it, but you should be looking for something chic or cheap, you are better advised to use other bracelets.

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