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‘Every school year I draw up the rules for the class app’

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Always read the rules, don’t share silly things, and don’t send 50 messages a day. You could easily write a sizeable encyclopedia about it, that group app etiquette.

Esmée (34), mother of Jasmijn (3) and Olly (6 months):

“My mother-in-law doesn’t understand our family app. Not only does she start each message as if she were writing an e-mail, so complete with opening and closing, she also thinks it’s a kind of logbook in which she has to keep us informed every minute of the day about her ups and downs life.

“I am overjoyed when we get the message at ten o’clock at night that she is going to sleep”

My sister-in-law and I are going crazy over it. No matter what we say, no matter how we or our husbands explain that it’s more for sharing an incident, a nice photo of the grandchildren or a family date, mother-in-law sees it as her favorite means of communication. I am overjoyed when we get the message at ten o’clock at night that she is going to sleep. Let’s have a little rest before another hysterically happy morning greeting rings in.”

Surreptitious advertising

Puck (29), mother of Jason (5) and Liam (5):

“We have a father in our kindergarten app who thinks this is some kind of advertising tool. He owns a butcher’s shop and is happy to pass on the weekly commercials. A pound of minced meat for five euros, a gourmet package for a tenner. That work. And no one who dares to address the best man about it.”

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Reading comprehension

Hannah (44), mother of Romée (11):

“At the start of the school year, I draw up the rules for the class app: only share essential information, no cancellations and no congratulations. But nobody adheres to that.

“I really don’t have time to wade through 297 messages every day”

The question ‘who can help lice fluff tomorrow? Respond if you can’ is answered dozens of times with: ‘sorry, I’m at work’/’don’t have a babysitter’/’have to go to the doctor’. When Pietje is ill, I see ‘get well soon’ 25 times and the same applies when it is Pietje’s birthday, but with congratulations for Pietje. I have a job-share and two classes and really no time to wade through 297 messages and congratulatory tsunamis every day.”

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