Photos: iPhone with MagSafe Battery Pack is a fat man

After a long wait, Apple has finally started providing the MagSafe Battery Pack for your iPhone. And it’s a whopper of an accessory.

You should either have a huge pocket or keep your phone in a bag or backpack. Because hello, what a huge whopper is the MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone. The accessory from the American tech company ensures that you can charge an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro on the go.

Magnets, hence MagSafe, keep the accessory firmly around your iPhone. Wireless charging is quite smooth in combination with a charger of 27W or more. The accessory costs 109 euros. The MagSafe Battery Pack is now available and Apple has rolled out iOS 14.7 making the product compatible with the iPhone.

Until now we only had slick studio images from Apple. This does not really give you a good impression of what the product actually looks like. Thanks to Steve Russell, we now know. He shared photos of the MagSafe Battery Pack in combination with an iPhone on Twitter.

Thick, whopper, huge. Beautiful? You can decide for yourself. In any case, it is an indispensable accessory for your iPhone. That’s one thing for sure.

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