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Apart from the TV, many customers also use Netflix within a web browser – whether on Windows or on the Mac. However, if you use the wrong browser, you have to be satisfied with poor image quality. If you then use this tip, however, you will trick Netflix and everything will be much sharper.

First of all: The basic requirement for better picture quality in the web browser is always the right Netflix tariff. For example, if you only use the basic tariff, you will only ever get SD quality. Full HD is available with the standard subscription, 4K content only with the expensive premium tariff. If you only get a maximum resolution of 720p in your browser despite the right subscription, you are using the wrong browser. For example, Chrome or Firefox go on strike when they are supposed to play Netflix in full HD. If you want that, you actually need the Edge browser on the PC or Safari on the Mac.

Tip: Netflix in full HD also in Chrome and Firefox on Mac and PC, this is how it works

But what if you really want to watch Netflix in full HD (1080p) in Chrome or Firefox, whether on a Mac or PC? If you really want this, you have to use the following trick and install the appropriate Chrome extension or the appropriate add-on for Firefox. For Chrome the tool is called “Netflix – higher quality” (alternatively we use “Netflix 1080p”), for Firefox it is also called “Netflix 1080p”.

Netflix - higher quality

Netflix – higher quality

Developer: findflix.me

Netflix 1080p

Netflix 1080p

Netflix 1080p

Netflix 1080p

Developer: TheGoddessInari

Once we have installed the extension, we delete the browser cache to be on the safe side, start Netflix and from now on we can also watch films and series in Chrome and Firefox in full HD – great stuff. If you want to check whether the trick actually worked, you can either search for the test program “Test Patterns” within Netflix (watch on Netflix) and check the corresponding information there at the top right of the screen or press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D to display the necessary video details.

Already knew? Here’s how to find more content on Netflix:

Ultra-HD: Unfortunately, no browser selection possible

By the way: 4K playback cannot be forced with this trick. If you want to watch Netflix in Ultra HD, you will need the Edge browser on the PC or Safari on the Mac (from macOS Big Sur 11.0 and with Apple processor or T2 chip) in addition to the expensive premium subscription. Alternatively, PC users have the option of using the Netflix app.

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