MIUI 12.5: This will manually install the new interface

Xiaomi continues to distribute the update with MIUI 12.5, but from the users’ point of view, the process is terribly slow. The novelty reached selected owners of relatively new models such as the POCO X3 Pro, Redmi Note 9T, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 or Note 10 Pro. He will come to the next line gradually.

The exact dates for understandable reasons are not known and impatient owners of supported smartphones are starting to look for alternative ways to get to MIUI 12.5. The XiaomiAdictos portal also informs about one of the simpler ways to achieve this.

More for experienced users

Simply put, this is a manual installation of the latest version of the operating system from Xiaomi. Although it is an official way, in general, this option is intended for more advanced users who fully understand its risks and can deal with possible complications. Less experienced owners of smartphones from the Xiaomi workshop are advised to wait for the classic arrival of the OTA update.

Xiaomi publishes a database with the latest ROM versions for its smartphones directly on its official website, where in some cases there is already a version directly with MIUI 12.5. The whole process is relatively simple. It is practically a matter of downloading the file to a smartphone and then opening it via a specific section of system settings.

Identifying the correct package

There is also a complication. This is to identify the correct version for a particular smartphone, as Xiaomi releases different versions of the operating system, usually depending on regions or sales channels.

Due care must therefore be taken in the selection of the installation package. The “MIUI Version” identifier, which you will find in the “About Your Phone” section on your smartphone, is a great help. Before installing the system package, it is strongly recommended to make a complete backup of the smartphone and charge the battery sufficiently.

Manually install updates Photo: XiaomiAdictos

Installation must be enabled

You need to enable manual installation of update packages on your smartphone. To do this, go to the “About Phone” section, where you click on “MIUI Version”. Then, click the MIUI logo repeatedly until you see a message that additional update options have been enabled.

After enabling the mentioned options, there will be an option in the advanced options (…) for selecting the installation package, through which you will open the downloaded package from the official MIUI Download repository. Subsequently, an automated installation process should begin, identical to that which takes place during the classic download of updates.

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