Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Flyer Locations for “The Turtle Paradise”

In the Yuffie DLC from the FF7 remake you should find 6 flyers for the NPC “Alter Schnapper” in the quest “The Turtle Paradise”. We will help you with the mission and show you all 6 flyer locations so that you can unlock the achievement “On the turtle hunt”.

Starting point of the quest “The Turtle Paradise”

The starting point of the mission at Old snapper you can’t miss it, because during Chapter 1 you have to talk to the man with the turtle shell on his back as part of the main quest. This then tells you about the 6 flyers of the turtle paradise that are scattered across the district.

Your task now is to find the flyers. As a little help, the old snapper also gives you one List of references to the localities, which you can see in the quest log.

As soon as you are near a flyer, the advertising music of the turtle paradise will sound in the background, which will help you in your search. Have you found all the flyers, return to the old snapper to complete the quest. You then switch with it “On the turtle hunt” also free one of the trophies and achievement from the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Flyer location # 1

You can find this flyer in the middle in the south at the playground with the many children. You have to walk through a pile of cardboard boxes to discover the flyer on the wall behind it.

Flyer location # 2

Climb over the wooden box and in the southern cul-de-sac shoot the flying turtle balloon with your weapon (Triangle button). The flyer will then land on the ground in the area before and you can collect it.

Flyer location # 3

On the first floor of the motel to the northwest on the balcony. But you have to take care of the watchdog here. Take cover behind the wooden boxes on the way and only move forward when the dog goes to sleep.

How to get to the flyer past the watchdog is shown again in the following video:

Flyer location # 4

In the northern area you will discover a cat running away from you with the flyer in its mouth. You can find them in the area further north behind a couple of oil barrels. Here you can pick up the flyer from the floor in front of the cat.

Flyer location # 5

You will find this flyer on the way to the train station behind a poster on the notice board in the east.

Flyer location # 6

From the last flyer you can see the Area with the abandoned factory in the north to enter. Here you can climb through a fence in the east and destroy a few boxes that cover a poster. The last flyer hangs here.

Alternatively, you can watch all 6 flyer locations again in the following video on the PowerPyx YouTube channel:

Are you struggling to find certain flyers in the Yuffie DLC? Then write it to us in the Comments!

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