With a Ford you know when there is a break-in

Victim of theft? With a new Ford you know immediately when there is a theft and you can alert the authorities.

The Ford system is called SecuriAlert and is available for the first time to owners of passenger cars of the brand to prevent a theft. The feature was previously known as Guard Mode in Ford commercial vehicles. You will receive a notification on your smartphone if a thief is tampering with your car. Think of attempts to open the doors, or someone trying to get in with a key.

SecuriAlert works as follows. The car’s sensors can sense when a stranger is working on your car. A notification can be sent to your smartphone via the FordPass Connect modem. The notification describes a time when the incident took place, including a short description of what might be going on.

Ford theft

Nowadays it is rare for a thief to smash a window to gain access to a car. Thieves are much smarter and can clone or steal keys, for example. Ford’s SecuriAlert is smart enough to be aware of these types of actions and can therefore warn you to prevent an actual theft.

Watch Ford’s video to get an idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčSecuriAlert.

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