‘iPhone will soon be able to install separate updates, just like Mac’

Apple will give users the option to put individual updates on their iPhone. Now these security patches have to be installed in conjunction with an update for the entire iOS operating system.

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Separate updates for iPhone are coming

That has 9to5Mac discovered in the source code of iOS 14.5, the iPhone software version coming soon. According to the website, Apple has added an option to the settings menu that allows users to specify how they want to install security updates, either individually or as part of an iOS update.

Currently, individual updates, for example solving technical problems, are always part of a broader iOS update for the iPhone. In the new situation it is therefore possible to install a new security update without having to tinker with the iOS version of your phone.

This will make it possible (in theory) to download the security updates of iOS 15 on a device with iOS 14, the software version that will be released in September. Some iPhone users are reluctant to switch to a new software version immediately after the release because it can contain teething problems.

It is still unclear when Apple will officially introduce the new function. 9to5Mac speculates that this may coincide with the arrival of iOS 14.5. This update will probably be released this month. It has been possible to install individual security updates on the Mac for a few years now.

On to iOS 14.5

The next iPhone software update will be iOS 14.5. This version is currently being tested and allows users, among other things, to unlock their phone with a mouth mask on. IOS 14.5 will also have the option to block tracking codes. This decision sparked a public clash between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Apple is rumored to be holding an all-online event on March 23. The company would, among other things, show new AirPods, AirPods Pro and the iPad 2021. Probably the release date of iOS 14.5 will be announced. Keep iPhoned therefore keep an eye on our newsletter or app.


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