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iPhone screen repair expensive? Not with this lifehack

Is your iPhone screen cracked and are you looking for an affordable way to fix it? Then look no further, because we have the solution!

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Screen repair expensive? Not with this lifehack!

If you’re really unlucky, it only takes one unfortunate fall of your iPhone to the floor and you already have a big crack on the screen. But what then? If it is only a small crack, you can continue to use the iPhone.

But still: it’s not a face, such an ugly crack. You can then have the screen replaced by Apple, but that costs a lot of money – a lot of money. A quick look at Apple’s screen repair website for the iPhone shows that you have already lost 489 euros to repair an iPhone 14 Pro Max screen. Well, for older (and smaller) devices you do not have to dig as deep into your pockets, but it remains a considerable amount.

Repair your iPhone screen: do it yourself

Then we have a better solution. We admit: you will still see some of the crack afterwards (depending on how bad the screen was). But the price is accordingly: for just over a tenner you have a good screen again!

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss tried it out and was very positive about the end result. Admittedly, it wasn’t an iPhone screen he was going to repair, but that doesn’t make any difference. Watch the video below.

$5 Phone Repair Hack!

The set for repairing the iPhone screen is for sale at for 11.95 euros. That is a lot less than the prices Apple charges for replacing your screen

We must, however, make a few caveats. The cracks don’t completely disappear, but you see them a lot less. Also, only do this at your own risk, and if you’re sure you don’t plan to have the screen replaced anyway. Because that is of course the best solution.

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