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Tako, leaks and the question of wages

We hope you had a good day and now we want to give you some exciting information to take with you into the evening. t3n Daily is also available as a podcast and as a newsletter. Here are the topics of the day.

Tiktok is testing AI chatbot called Tako

A proprietary AI chatbot is now being used on Tiktok as a test. His name: Tako. Its mission: to facilitate the “discovery of entertaining and inspiring content”. Tiktok announced this via Twitter. “With limited testing of Tako with select users in the Philippines, we are in the early stages of exploring chatbot tools,” it says.

According to media reports, it is not known which AI model the chatbot is based on. However, it should be clear that a comprehensive introduction of the chatbot could radically change the search and navigation within the app.

Incidentally, the competition is not sleeping when it comes to AI either: Snapchat already has a bot in use, and Mark Zuckerberg has promised conversations with software in Meta’s chat services Whatsapp and Messenger, as well as AI tools for generating images on Facebook and Instagram.

Data leak: Tesla continues to have major problems with its autopilot

Tesla’s problems with its autopilot don’t seem to be going away. Thousands of internal documents leaked to the Handelsblatt point to this. The leaked data shows that more and more courts are dealing with the driver assistance systems from the US electrician. In addition, thousands of customers are said to have contacted Tesla with sometimes drastic complaints.

With autopilot as the foundation for self-driving vehicles, Tesla’s be-all and end-all, problems here should have a direct impact on the company’s value. Because of the increased risk of accidents, Tesla had to recall more than 360,000 vehicles in the USA in February. In addition to problems with the autopilot, there were also steering wheels that were not attached or were poorly attached, which simply fell off while driving. And there should also be problems with the Cybertruck.

Survey: This is how German employees talk about their salary

Is there more talk about salary in Germany than is usually assumed? An international salary survey by SD Worx came to the conclusion that 42 percent of German employees are very open about their salary. Only 26 percent prefer discretion on the subject. 16,000 employees from 16 countries were surveyed. The result: Croatians speak particularly freely about their salaries, while Danes are particularly reserved here. German employees are in the European average.

In Germany, it is common for non-disclosure clauses in employment contracts to prohibit talking about salary. In fact, however, in most cases these are inadmissible, says Benjamin Karcher from the law firm Bird & Bird to t3n. Employees must also be able to exchange information about salaries and classify them.

A new law will soon come into force for European companies, obliging employers to be more transparent with regard to the wage package.

IBM wants to develop superlative quantum computers

IBM is working on a superlative quantum computer. The system is said to have 100,000 qubits. For comparison, the current IBM device, which was the world’s largest quantum computing system in November 2022, has 433 qubits. The supercomputer is to be built within the next ten years, for which IBM is working with the universities of Tokyo and Chicago. The quantum computing initiative is funded with a sum of 100 million US dollars.

According to the trade press, the record-breaking supercomputer is intended to solve future problems that no standard supercomputer could solve on its own. It is planned, for example, to achieve breakthroughs in drug research, in the production of fertilizers, battery power and a large number of other applications through the interaction of quantum and supercomputing.

These features bring a breath of fresh air to your Spotify library

A number of features can add variety to your Spotify library. With the new feeds from Spotify you can scroll through different songs like on Tiktok. The Music tab gives you daily personalized recommendations for singles and albums based on your listening habits. Thanks to the smart shuffle function, new titles can be added to playlists that have already been created. Smart Shuffle tries to match the style of the suggested songs in your playlist.

And if you love a certain song more than anything, you can “go to the radio” via the three-dot menu next to the title. Spotify will then create a playlist of songs based on your favorite song. If you want to hear your favorite bands live, click the “Concerts” button. Here you can see concerts of your favorite bands in your area.

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