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Google Photos brings a new design to your photo collage

Google Photos they are not only a tool for backing up photos, but they can also serve people as a source of beautiful memories. Like Instagram, Google offers users to survive another day from years ago in the form of photos from its date. But you can also create nice collages from older photos, the design of which was now according to the portal AndroidPolice significantly improved.

New collages give photos a retro look

The company decided to improve the collages consisting of several images with a scribbled background. Thanks to this, retro enough to share on social networks without the need for further adjustments on your part. Google introduced these new patterns to its Twitter account earlier this week, and now the news has begun to appear on Android smartphones.

Google’s tweet collage has a chalkboard-style background with chalk paintings that mimic photos of legendary Polaroid cameras. Portal AndroidPolice but he also showed another style of collage. One of the automatic predefined collage creations has a clearer background that is similar to recyclable paper. Their photos look like physical copies placed on top. On it you have painted yellow flowers and photos above it without borders.

New collages cannot be created manually yet

So far, these new collages seem to be limited to Selecting recent photos, where they create automatically. When the user creates a photo selection for the collage manually, he only gets the old collage with white and frames separating the individual images. In addition, the new collage design is not distributed through the classic update of the Google Photos app on Google Play, but through the server gradually in individual regions.

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