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Spider-Man: Remastered –

Spider-Man from 2018 has its well-deserved place in the Hall of Fame alongside many other famous PlayStation 4 exclusives. For us, this is one of the best games of the last generation and one of the few titles that we have just gone through several times for fun. Despite several passes, however, we were happy to throw ourselves back into the rejuvenated version of Spider-Man: Remastered for the PlayStation 5. And we leave again full of enthusiasm.

That good remains

In terms of story and game mechanics, remaster does not decide to make any changes at all. It means that you get exactly the great filling you did two years ago. The same engaging story full of iconic characters, especially the great Peter Parker, who already has a lot behind him. The same main and secondary missions that make New York a very fun playground.

In addition, as in the case of the GOTY edition, you get all three DLCs from the season pass The City That Never Sleeps, which greatly expand the mini-stories with Black Cat, Hammerhead and Silver Sable, which outlines the main campaign of the basic game.

It is simply a fantastic package of comic action adventure with a refined combat system and fun stealth.

Your voice has an unknown face

Spider-Man: Remastered focuses on the undeniable strengths of the PlayStation 5 in terms of change, and also makes one major change in the main character itself. When we first learned that Insomniac Games was changing the face of Peter Parker, we were outraged. The change took us by surprise, we didn’t understand it, and Peter’s new face clearly bothered us. We were used to the original character and we didn’t want to believe that anyone would change the most important character in such a successful game played by millions of players.

However, already in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we suspected that the creators might really know what they were doing. Peter Parker only blinks in Miles’s adventure, but Spider-Man: Remastered confirmed us in a surprising discovery – Peter’s new face really fits like a shell, and almost immediately we accepted it as the only right one.

In fact, the much younger cuckoo fits better with Parker’s excited behavior as a juvenile teenager making jerks out of everything. Everyone accepts this change in their own way, but when we were its great opponents and turned their opinion around after direct contact, there is a good chance that you will be the same. And if Peter really disgusts you, dress him in one of three new outfits and simply suffer the cutscenes.

There are generally several graphic advantages of the remaster related to faces – in animations where Peter does not wear a mask, look forward to better facial animations, more detailed skin and changes in the area of ​​hair cover can be seen for the better.

Breathtaking New York Vs. breathtaking speed

But the biggest and most enticing innovations concern two possible modes that prioritize either performance or the visual side. This is basically the same possibility as in the case of Miles Morales. On the one hand, you have a limit of 30 FPS, and this shortcoming is balanced by ray tracing and greatly improved lighting effects. On the other hand, you do not have these graphic conveniences, which, however, guarantees a stable 60 FPS.

Ray tracing in New York is a delight to the eyes. Glass skyscrapers project the reflection of the surrounding concrete jungle on the windows in real time, which you can see in every puddle in the dirty streets. It adds to the credibility of the big city and, together with many light effects, glow from neon lights and breathtaking sunsets, gives rise to one of the most beautiful games of today.

But just like in the case of Miles Morales, even without this sweet sprinkling, the rest of the cake tastes great. Even without ray tracing, New York has nothing to be ashamed of, and your eye will not explicitly complain and yell at you that you are crazy and turn on that ray tracing again immediately.

For us personally, the performance mode is ultimately a more interesting choice. With realistic mirroring, it’s relatively easy to say goodbye, but once you fly through the streets of New York at 60 frames per second, returning to a torn thirty is painful. Fluency wins over additional effects that, unlike it, have no practical impact on gameplay.

There is no time to waste!

And then there’s another PlayStation 5 draw, you’ll never want to go back to last-generation consoles again. Loading is literally a thing of the past in this case. It takes a few seconds to start the game and then you won’t be surprised by any loading screens. The teleport around New York is virtually instantaneous, so no lengthy subway rides. Missions start and restart immediately.

It’s something that is easy to get used to, and when one realizes how much life time he has wasted in various games by staring at a slowly moving comma or an endlessly spinning wheel, he is sad. And the silence. Divine silence! Spider-Man: Remastered doesn’t cause the PlayStation 5 the slightest problem, so the console has no reason to spin turbine engines like the PS4. For players who prefer speakers over headphones, this will be one of the most welcome benefits of the new console, which will hopefully last as long as possible.

The very last technological convenience of the remaster is the accompanying effects of the DualSense driver, which the game also shares with Miles Morales. This means that every shot of the cobweb is accompanied by a whistling sound from the driver’s speaker, every swing on the net you feel in your finger, under which the trigger stiffens as the cobweb tightens. The rest of the show will be taken care of by a haptic response, ie vibrations of various subtleties corresponding to the given situation, which further complete the feeling that you are the friendly neighbor of Spider-Man…

Just try saying no!

Spider-Man: Remastered is the best possible way to experience the original story and everything that complements it. New players get a fantastic adventure worth repeating, while existing fans have plenty of technical reasons to start fighting the villains again.

The game is nicer and more complete in both modes, and if you prefer visual settings, you will experience a real graphical future. If you prefer performance, you will enjoy smooth gaming for a change (quite common for PCs), from which it is difficult to return to the old 30 FPS.

Remaster simply can’t say no and it’s a bit of a shame that you can say yes with only one weird one. You can’t just buy it, you can’t even upgrade to it from the PlayStation 4 version (but at least you can drag the sava).

The creators made one strange, strict decision – the game is part of only the ultimate edition of the title Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Luckily, both games are so great and there’s no reason why you should enjoy one and the other shouldn’t. So if Morales, so is Parker!

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