Galaxy S22 unveiled, 3,800 PS4 mining crypto, Elon Musk heading to space, recap

A Youtubeur solves Joy-Con Drift problem with a piece of paper, Elon Musk is preparing to go into space, Xiaomi is preparing a little gem with the Mi 12, welcome to the recap of the week!

This week, we stocked up on unusual and unexpected news. Some will surely be very useful to you, like the solution that a Youtubeur found against the Joy-Con drift, namely… place a piece of paper inside the controller. Others might get a little smile out of you, like the fact that Elon Musk oddly didn’t choose SpaceX for his first trip to space. Others, finally, may chill your spine, like this mining farm made up of no less than 3,800 PS4s. Meanwhile, the smartphone universe is also entitled to some new crisp news, over leaks concerning the Galaxy S22 and Mi 12.

A victim of the Joy-Con drift? Use a piece of paper

The solution may sound silly and yet it works. By applying a light pressure on his controller, the Youtubeur VK realized that his Joy-Con drift problem disappeared. He therefore decided to disassemble the latter to understand why, and concluded that the concern comes from the metal part that holds the analog stick in place. With a simple piece of paper, he managed to stabilize it in a (more or less permanent) way. A solution that may no longer work over time, but which is still much more practical than sending your Joy-Con for repair.

Joy-Con Drift Nintendo Switch

Elon Musk joins the space race

Lately, a frenzy seems to be affecting the billionaires of the planet. Everyone wants a ride in space, and it’s the one who will go faster than the others. One would have thought Elon Musk well placed with his company SpaceX. But if the businessman will fly for the stars, it is not on board one of his shuttles. The latter has indeed chosen to buy his ticket from Virgin Galactic, the company of Richard Branson, the first tourist in space. Nothing says if he was entitled to a preferential rate. According to the firm, a visit of a few minutes costs $ 250,000.

elon musk space
Credits: Pixabay

The Xiaomi Mi 12 unveils itself

That’s it, the technical sheet of the Mi 12 is starting to leak. According to the International Mobile Equipment Identity database, Xiaomi’s future flagship would be powered by the SoC Snapdragon 895, Qualcomm’s next bomb. It should also be equipped witha 120 Hz LTPO display with a resolution of 2 K. On the photo side, we expect a main sensor of 200 MP. Finally, the Mi 12 would be powered by a battery compatible with 120W wired fast charging in just 23 minutes. Its release is scheduled for the beginning of December.

xiaomi mi 11i test

The Galaxy S22 will land in January 2022

As leaks about the Galaxy S22 begin to spread, we’ve had some good news and some bad news this week. The good news is that Samsung should keep the launch window for its lineup. The future flagship should therefore be presented in January 2022, a year after its predecessor. The not so good is that a new source confirms the suspicions of a screen with holes to accommodate the selfie sensor. The sensor under the screen, so it will not be this time yet. In addition, it seems that the presence of a 200 MP sensor is false information. To be continued.

Galaxy s22
Credits: Let’s Go Digital

A mining farm consisting of 3800 PS4

As mining farms multiply across the world, police continue to make startling discoveries. Ukrainian authorities have thus discovered “The largest underground crypto-farm” according to them. But, unlike usual, this one was not made up of graphics cards, but of PS4. 3800 to be precise. This choice of hardware is unusual in the industry, but it is likely that miners have fallen back on this option in the face of the shortage of graphics cards. Unfortunately for them, their activity was clearly illegal since they used fake meters not to pay for electricity.

ps4 cryptocurrency mining

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