4 useful tips and tricks for Google Maps. Do you know everyone?

Most of us use Google Maps in the easiest way possible. When we need to go somewhere, we enter the destination, run it and solve nothing more. Likewise, if we want to look at a place, we just look for it, get closer to the street or another place, and that’s it. But Google Maps is very big these days a comprehensive toolwhich, in addition to navigating, can do other great gadgets. So today we will show 4 useful tips and tricks for Google Maps.

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Change your vehicle icon

For some time now, Google has been offering the choice of vehicle icon in applications for Android and iOS. When you start navigation, just tap the arrow icon that shows your current location. Then you will see a pop-up window where you can choose from several car icons such as sedan, pickup or SUV.

Share your location

You can also share your current location in real time, which can be useful in many cases. Just select the people you want to share it with from the list, and they’ll see your name, photo, and location on various Google services. In addition, they also show you the status of your battery. So the next time you go to visit a family that is worried about you, share your location with them so that your phone doesn’t ring every 15 minutes.

Take your route virtually

If you want to prepare well for the route, you can also drive your route virtually via Street View. Before starting the navigation, just click on the Steps button and select the section you want to travel.

Enter your parking space

Do you also hate finding your own car in a huge parking lot? Then all you have to do is enter a parking space before leaving and then when you get out of the mall (or from anywhere), you will see the location you entered on the map and you don’t have to look for anything complicated. We have a personal experience that when you are away for a few hours, you often have no idea whether you parked at the left or right end of the parking lot. We haven’t solved anything like this since we’ve been using this tweak.

What other tips and tricks do you use for Google Maps?

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