Finally watch the animation hit at no extra cost

Although the approach is not undisputed, Disney now regularly publishes films with premium access. Disney + subscribers have to pay extra. But those who can wait will be rewarded. Today, Raya and the Last Dragon launches for all Disney + customers.

Update from June 4th, 2021: The wait for Disney + customers is over: Today starts Raya and the last dragon, the latest animation adventure from Disney, as a stream in the regular program. Previously, 21.99 euros were due for three months. The film is now available to all subscribers.

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Disney + holds out the hand: Raya and the last dragon cost extra

Disney + is doing it again: Instead of a cinema premiere, there is the new animation adventure “Raya and the Last Dragon” direct to Disney +. Actually no wonder and reason to be happy, after all, in many countries around the world, cinemas are still closed. But the disillusionment follows with the price.

At the 5. March appears “Raya and the last dragon” for 21.99 euros as a stream. Disney is actually doing a lot right with the film: a modern, strong, young woman as the main character, a story against a multicultural background, a cute animal partner – all classic Disney recipes for success with a flair for the zeitgeist.

However, as with Mulan, one mistake cannot be eliminated: Subscribers pay a lot more, in addition to the monthly fee, mind you. This will even be increased from February 23rd – a step that the group justifies, among other things, with spending on its own productions, such as “Raya”. Nevertheless, you can pay for them individually.

Also on Disney +: Soul.

Disney can still learn something from HBO and Sky

Here, for example, HBO Max and Sky demonstrate as Germany partners: There is another way. For the time being, Wonder Woman 1984 can only see who is using one of the payment services. However, there is no extra payment for the superhero film.

There is probably only one conclusion left: the procedure does no harm to Disney. At least it has no negative impact on the interest of new customers. And there is also a glimmer of hope: if you don’t want to pay extra, just wait until June 4th. Then “Raya” goes into the normal subscription of Disney +.

Most recently, Disney + was able to grow strongly and have almost half as many subscriptions as Netflix. Experts even expect the Mickey Mouse Group to take the lead in the foreseeable future.

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