New this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Videoland, Storytel and Spotify (week 22)

It’s the weekend again and we are only too happy to delve into all the beauty that the streaming services have in store for us. From movies and series to e-books and albums on Spotify. Here you will discover the best new content.


Breaking Boundaries: The Science of our Planet

David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström examine the collapse of Earth’s biodiversity and how this crisis can still be averted.

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In this action-packed dynamic thriller, a retired hit man, along with his sister and a troubled teenager, takes revenge on his deadly stepbrother.

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When her relationship breaks down, an influencer takes her friends to the carnival in Bahia and discovers that there is more to life than social media likes.

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Amazon Prime Video

Dom (S01)

Dom tells the story of Pedro, a handsome middle-class boy from Rio de Janeiro who comes into contact with cocaine in his teens, which makes him the leader of a criminal gang that dominated the tabloids in Rio in the early 2000s: Pedro Dom. Dom also follows Pedro’s father Victor Dantas, who as a teenager makes a discovery at the bottom of the sea, reports it to the authorities and eventually joins the police intelligence service. The series depicts the journey of father and son who lead opposite lives, often mirroring and complementing each other, as both face situations that blur the lines between good and evil.

→ look stupid

Video country

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

After the death of her parents, Cameron moves in with her conservative aunt. When she finds out that Cameron likes women, she sends her niece to therapy to be “converted.”

→ Watching The Miseducation of Cameron Post



Oslo describes the process of the true, previously secret, backroom negotiations in the establishment of the pivotal 1990 Oslo Peace Accords between Israel and the Palestinians.

→ watch Oslo

Pathé Home


When her husband dies, wealthy Italian Mary is suddenly in bad shape. Not only does she have to deal with the death of her loved one, but the brand new widow comes to sit on black seed after years of prosperity and opulence.



→ Foucshée – listen to time machine


Deadly game

On the way to California, Aloysius Archer makes a stopover in Reno. Less than 24 hours later, he is the proud owner of a very expensive, very rare French sports car, he has found a traveling companion in the mysterious dancer Liberty Callahan and he has to fend off some heavily armed criminals. Luck in accident: Liberty turns out to be not only very seductive, but also excellent with a gun. They are two qualities that come in handy not much later, when private detective Archer ends up in a political hornet’s nest in which a wealthy family, a nightclub and a mysterious military installation play the leading roles.

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star player

Seventeen-year-old Samuel Sooleyman grows up in a village in the Republic of South Sudan, a country torn by civil war. His great passion is basketball and his amazing jumping power and speed make him a special player. When he is selected for the national youth team to play a tournament in America, Samuel and his family realize it could change his life forever. The scouts from all the major universities are in attendance – a scholarship and a place on one of the college teams are on the horizon. But will he stand out from all those other talented players? Young men who have been followed by the experts for years, when no one has ever heard of Samuel?

Against all odds, Samuel manages to draw attention to himself. But then the terrible news reaches him that the violence of war has reached his village, with fatal consequences. When it becomes clear that he cannot return home, there is only one way to ever see his family again: they must come to America. To do that, however, Samuel will have to do something that no one in basketball history has ever done: reach the pinnacle of the game in a single season.

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More new this week!

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