Electric van Mercedes EQV has to go back to the workshop

Mercedes Benz EQV. (Photo: Daimler)

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Mercedes-Benz calls over 300 EQV electric vans back to a workshop lasting several hours. The suspension struts of the premium Stromer are too weak.

Who would have expected that a premium car manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz could undersize a standard component for a vehicle? And then there are the struts – the unit consisting of shock absorbers, springs and wheel suspension.

A-Class suspension struts built into the EQV?

Amazingly, that’s exactly what happened. This is why the manufacturer calls back over 300 EQVs that were produced between February and October 2020 to the workshops. 175 of the affected electric vans are on the road in Germany.

Affected customers will be contacted in writing by the manufacturer – as is common practice with recalls. The workshop visit should take around five hours. All four struts will be replaced with more stable models. That reports Car, motor and sport.

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New legs can carry more

Since October, Mercedes has been installing struts that are strong enough to properly dampen the weight of the van. Mercedes did not reveal how such a problem could arise from the start with a vehicle that has only been available for order since September 2020.

Customers would certainly have understood problems with electronic components in connection with the electric drive than problems with a component that has been found in every production vehicle since 1950.

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