this is how you reset the laptop to factory settings

Are you going to sell your MacBook, or are you running into inexplicable problems? Then it can be useful to reset your Mac. In this video we show how resetting a MacBook works.

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Reset MacBook video: this is how it works

It is not that difficult at all. You just need to know how it works and why you would want to perform a reset at all. In any case, always make sure that your personal files are stored in a safe place. A hard reset ensures that all factory settings are restored. All your data has therefore been deleted.

Where should you leave that backup? For example on a USB stick or cloud service, such as iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Do you have a huge collection of movies or music on your laptop? Then use an external hard drive. You can then copy all your personal files via Time Machine.

After this you can start with the actual reset. This is a handy solution for when you run into unexplained problems, such as when you run into a persistent bug. Even if you have sold your MacBook, a factory reset is a wise choice. In the article below you can read step-by-step how it works.

Reset your Mac or MacBook to factory settings: this is how you do it

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