Podcasts +, Stocks + and Mail + could be added to Apple’s list of subscription services

With nearly 54 billion turnover in 2020, the subscription services ofApple now represent a real financial windfall. Analysts Wolf Ventures believe that Apple could soon expand this range of SPO (subscription services) with Podcasts +, Stocks + and Mail + ! Podcasts + would contain a section of premium programs (available only by subscription) and would directly integrate the bundle Services Apple One.

Stocks + would be nothing other than a complete management system of equity portfolios attached to Wallet! The app would also offer financial and brokerage information (probability of gains or losses, market analyzes, etc.). As for Mail +, the app would offer a professional-level Mail with particularly advanced filtering and automation functions.

Loup Ventures also mentions the possible launch of two other app-services, Health + and Maps +, but without providing any real details (advanced route suggestions for Maps +, telemedicine for Health +).

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