Douwe Bob continues to spread rusks: ‘Last month became a father of a second girl’

“Yes, it’s true. Last month I became a father to a second girl. At first her mother and I agreed that I would keep in the background in her life but now that she is here I feel compelled and forced there something to say about it,” the singer says on Facebook. He is referring to the fact that Yvonne Coldeweijer, who is behind the ‘juice channel’ Life of Yvonne, shared the news before.

No relationship

“I am still trying to find the right path in this fatherhood. Whatever happens, I am also there for her if she needs me”, he concludes his story. On Thursday, Douwe Bob announced that his ex-girlfriend Anouk is five months pregnant with their child. The singer has no relationship with all three women.

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‘Not as usual’

Douwe Bob called his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy on Thursday in RTL Boulevard “unorthodox and perhaps not as usual”. Still, he says he is very happy and happy. “I can’t wait to change another one.”

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