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The remake of The Last of Us is almost complete, says Henderson -apkrig

Prominent insider Tom Henderson commented a few hours ago on what he knew about Naughty Dog projects. As designer Neil Druckmann officially indicated during his performance at CES 22, the studio is preparing several titles, which fans will learn more about soon. One of them is almost certainly a standalone multiplayer game based on the series The Last of Us, but according to Henderson, the remaining two projects of this brand also concern, which confirms previous speculations. One of them repeatedly talked about the fact that people around Druckmann are working on a remake of the first part, while others suggested an improved version of The Last of Us Part II for PS5, and according to Henderson, it is actually being created.

“I’ve heard from several people that the remake of The Last of Us is almost complete and could be released in the second half of 2022,” says Henderson, following similar reports from Bloomberg and journalist Jason Schreier last year. He added a funny gif to his tweet, which points out that the silhouettes of Joel and Ellie appeared on the screen during yesterday’s Sony press conference, but we would not give too much weight this time given that the Japanese company mentioned previous successes and gradually popular heroes. appeared more. Still, the remake is similar at the moment sure as the multiplayer game mentioned in the introduction, and everything starts to fall apart from the claims of Jason Schreier, who considers working on the remake a safe opportunity to study Naughty Dog, to touch the specifics of development for the PlayStation 5.

But Henderson doesn’t just end with a remake, in the following tweet he also mentions multiplayer and the so-called Director’s Cut version of the second part, which is also to be worked on hard, but Henderson is not sure when they should arrive. Despite recent speculation that the new God of War Ragnarök might arrive sooner than players think, he admits that Krat’s next adventure could be postponed until early 2023, leaving room for all The Last of Us. The driving force for the release of these games as soon as possible is, of course, the upcoming series, so Henderson did not rule out that next fall or Christmas could be carried in the spirit of a fungal brain infection…

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