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Do you want to consume “Made in France” products (excluding food and hygiene)? Thanks to CocoDico, you will no longer need to do multiple shops or spend your time on Google. All you have to do is do your keyword research to discover products that are really made in France.

More local, more sustainable, more virtuous, our habits are changing and consuming less but better is a reality for many of us today. But that’s not always so easy to do as it is said. If finding your local vegetables or natural soaps is easy, everything is much more complicated with consumer goods in fashion, toys or tableware for example.

CocoDico offers you an application ecosystem, where professionals display their products that “La Bande à Coco” then makes available to you via a search engine. The goal is to know if the product you want to buy exists, where it can be purchased, and at what price.

The product I want to buy:
– Is it made in France?
– Where can I buy it ?
– In what order of price?
– What shops are around me?
– News on Made in France.

When you have found the product you are interested in, you can be redirected with one click to the brand’s product page or to the nearest store.

Apart from the product search engine, you can also find a page with the actors as well as a map of the resellers.

And from your computer’s Internet browser, it happens here:

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