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Memorize: Travel diaries

Memorize: Travel diaries

Keep all your vacation memories in a travel diary and relive them endlessly. Memorize supports you in creating your 100% customizable travel diary. You will no longer get lost in your image library.

Features :
– Easy and fast. Thanks to a daily organization, you don’t lose track of your adventures. Your photos are automatically sorted day by day. You no longer get lost in your image library. In 10 minutes every day, you simply create the pretty pages of your travel diary
– Tell with memos. Fill your daily travel stories using memos: Text to remember a date, a place, an adventure. Photos to immerse yourself with precision in these moments of unique discoveries. Illustrations to twist your pages.
– Personalize. Change the color and typography of your texts, add illustrations, change the size and orientation of all your memos (text, photos, illustrations), choose the cover. Your travel diary will be like no other.
– Themes to accompany you. Are you afraid of bad taste? Don’t worry, everything has been thought of. A first theme has been created with colors and typography that smell like holidays and that you can mix and match without damaging your retina.
– Blank pages to stick your memories. You have the possibility of spaces and blank pages to paste your souvenir tickets as soon as you receive your notebook.
– Order. Once your vacation is over and your notebook is finalized, all you have to do is order it (A5 format (148x210mm), glued square back binding, printed in France, Colissimo delivery included).

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