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ChatGPT turns out to be left-liberal – Apparata

ChatGPT turns out to be left-liberal – Apparata

The artificial intelligent chatbot ChatGPT appears to give answers to questions from the voting guide that most closely match those of the SP, Denk and D66. This has emerged from research by Leiden Master’s student Merel van den Broek.

Earlier American research: ChatGPT is left-liberal

The Leiden Master’s student did her research as a practical assignment for the Machine Learning course. It was previously known from American research that the chatbot has a political preference in the left-liberal corner. She thought it would be a good idea to find out whether the same applies to the Dutch Stemwijzer. She used the 2021 edition for her research, because the ChatGPT dataset extends to 2021. Here she had ChatGPT answer every question from the voting guide.

Preference for SP, Denk and D66

It was striking that the games that followed from ChatGPT’s answers could be ordered quite accurately from left to right. The three parties that scored the highest were the SP, Denk and D66. The three parties whose answers to the voting guide have won ChatGPT the least favor are all right-wing: JA21, BBB, and FVD.

Merel van den Broek’s teacher, professor Stefan Raaijmakers, thinks that this is mainly the result of the texts with which the language model has been trained. For example, a chatbot from Microsoft, a few years ago, soon turned out to say extreme right-wing and racist things. This was due to the internet users with whom this chatbot communicated.

The scientific texts on which ChatGPT is trained come mainly from left-minded people, because scientists are generally left-leaning more often than average. This certainly applies to scientists from politically relevant disciplines, such as sociology and environmental science.

Another possible explanation, in my opinion, is that an artificial intelligence is not self-interested. After all, that is not the case with an AI. For example, are you very rich? Then it would be better for your wallet to vote for a right-wing party like the VVD, while it would be better for the average Dutchman if the wealth was distributed more evenly.

Modifications in ChatGPT often pro-left liberal

The makers of ChatGPT have also added the necessary changes and often questionable modifications. You will find some nice examples in our earlier article, which means that you can, for example, make jokes about Buddhism and Christianity, but not about Islam, and you can have a hymn written about Obama or Biden, but not about Trump.

It is not impossible that these modifications have resulted in left-wing and progressive positions receiving more appreciation than right-wing and conservative positions in the neural network weighting.

For this reason, they advise to be wary of seeking political advice from ChatGPT. There is a good chance that you will choose a party that is more left than your actual political preference.

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