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Bibi Breijman talks candidly about difficult period

After reporting from juice channels, singer Waylon confessed in June that he was cheating in his relationship with Bibi Breijman. In a YouTube video, Bibi tells her story for the first time.

After a few intense months, Bibi makes herself heard in a candid video.

Sad and in shock

Bibi was in shock when Waylon confessed his adultery. “Then you knock someone out of the house, and that doesn’t solve any of your questions, nor your grief,” she says. But what she found most difficult was the hatred and all the outside opinions. “Both parties were simply talking for me, both by the media and by Willem. And there I was too fucking angry about. But I noticed: I couldn’t get any further with anger.” After a few days, her breastfeeding stopped, and because she had gone through a rough birth – she gave birth to son Chester at the end of May – she was in need of help. “And then this came along, so I was so sad and angry and disappointed, broken and in shock.”

Don’t go outside

Bibi experienced a lot of shame, so she didn’t dare go outside anymore. The fact that she had a stalker for years also played a role. “Everything makes you think: they’re going to take a picture of me and send it to a juice channel. They’re going to take a picture of me and make up another gossip or post something ugly about me again,” said Bibi. Seeing a wardrobe full of baby Chester’s unworn suits was a wake-up call for her. “That was such confirmation of what had happened, it was all about having fun and getting out and about. And then I really thought, wow, this whole month has drained me of negativity and hurt.” She continues: “It made me feel like a really bad mother. That I didn’t feel completely devoted to that little sweetheart.”

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‘It’s a special one’

What Bibi doesn’t understand is that especially people from outside have an opinion about the situation. “It’s something that happens so often, but there’s such taboo and shame about just choosing your family,” she says. “I’ve read so many things: that you’re only strong and self-respecting or doing a good job when you run away from the situation. […] Why does everyone have to give up on the person who has been cheated on? That’s all up to that person, isn’t it?” Bibi emphasizes that she herself chose Willem, Waylon’s real name. “I also know it’s a special one, that’s just how it is. I myself chose this man as the father of my children, and I still strongly support that. And it is not for anyone to condemn him but me, for he did this to me.”

Watch the full video below.

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