Beware of online dating, you can lose money

IPčko informs about the new phenomenon of online fraud on its Facebook page. These are frauds related to dating platforms, which are aimed in particular at single, divorced or widowed women.

In addition to online education, online shopping, online work, the pandemic also strengthened online dating and online fraud. Some “entrepreneurs” have decided to take a chance and make some money on dating sites. The phenomenon is so widespread that even Europol warns against it. He described the attackers as romantic impostors. These are people who pretend to be interested in you, but are really only interested in your finances.

Online dating scams – These are their characters

According to the infographics below, it looks like fraudsters are often foreigners who use an online translator or use fragile Slovak. They also look successful or sympathetic, use photos of another person and create the illusion that they are genuinely interested in you.

They may also ask you for intimate photos or videos. If you send them to them, you risk possible publication or extortion. They will pretend to be interested in meeting you – whether through a video call or a face-to-face meeting. However, they will probably find out that they do not have internet or their bank has frozen their bank account, so they cannot buy a ticket. They will then ask you for money.

What can you do?

If you have run into a fraudster, report it to the police and stop communicating with him. If you have sent any bank account or money information, please contact your bank. To help others, report their profile to the online platform.

Our tip

Warning! Fraudsters also work on the advertising portal Bazoš.sk

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