Spotify is planning a new marketplace for ads

Spotify is looking for new ways to monetize podcasts. (Photo: David MG / Shutterstock)

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Spotify is planning new features to monetize podcasts. Among other things, a separate marketplace for podcast advertising is planned.

Spotify is planning a new platform for audio advertising in podcasts. The Spotify Audience Network is the first advertising marketplace with this focus, shared Spotify at the online event Stream On.

This initially involves advertising for Spotify’s own productions, podcasts produced via anchors and megaphones, and advertising-supported music. The project is still in the development phase, more information should be available within the next few months.

New features for existing tools

But the existing tools for advertisers are also getting new features. It will soon be possible to create and buy commercials for podcasts via the Spotify Ad Studio.

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The streaming ad insertion control tool will in future offer target group-specific shopping, native advertising and performance reporting.

“Ideal medium for advertisers”

“It’s no secret that podcasts have played a crucial role in the rise in audio consumption. Their intimate character makes them an ideal medium for advertisers, ”writes Spotify.

Over the past few years, Spotify has continually developed new features for podcasts. The new advertising tools round off the investments with new sources of income.

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