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“It’s not a matter of just lubricating, and hop on and in, I still think foreplay is important”

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Lisa (31), married to Kars (39), mother of Benthe (8) and Lyan (6):

“Water-based, flavored or silicone-based lubricants that stimulate, massage or soften. The collection of lube purchased on EasyToys in my bedside table is huge. But to be able to have sex without pain, unfortunately also very necessary for me. I don’t get aroused as easily as I used to due to meds, so my husband and I resort to ‘jetty’ from a jar, as we jokingly say. Not only did it make lovemaking more enjoyable, it also ensures that positions such as doggy and lotus go just that little bit more smoothly.

After giving birth to the youngest, I ended up in postpartum depression. I felt miserable for at least half a year. Fortunately, I got over it with therapy and medication. I still take half a tablet now; it suppresses negative feelings and I can function just fine on it. The only drawback is the side effects: I suffer from dry mouth and vaginal dryness. I was especially ashamed of that thinness. I felt too young for it, associated it with women of age. I also found it difficult towards Kars, as if I didn’t find him attractive anymore. In the beginning of our relationship, we only had to tongue or I was wet. Now we could kiss like crazy, but nothing happened down under.

Finally, we found salvation on EasyToys: in the form of lubricants. A little bit is enough for more fun in bed. We now have many different types and flavors. The one with strawberry is Kars’ favourite. Chocolate is a winner for those times when we feel like packing and unpacking each other completely. But we also have hot and cold remedies that stimulate and stimulate intimate areas. The only downside to the lubricants is that I have to change the bed faster. But EasyToys also offers a solution for that: you can purchase special lacquer sheets that you put over your bedding and protect everything against stains. Moreover, the black lacquer layer gives an extra kinky effect.

But that doesn’t mean that if we have sex now, it’s just a matter of lubricating it, and hop on and in. In addition to physical lust, you also have a mental sense and that is much needed. So foreplay is still important to me. About twice a week, after the children’s evening ritual, in which we each read a daughter and tuck her in, Kars and I retreat to our bedroom together. The alarm goes off at six, so we can sleep on time afterwards. Usually we start by kissing and massaging each other all over with the Pjur BodyGlide. In no time it turns into a love affair, because everything becomes nice and slippery by itself.”

Would you like to read more about Stop Dry January? In January, vaginal dryness is central to EasyToys and you can order the tastiest products. Check out all lubricants on and make it a nice slippery party in bed.

Ankeiler Facebook: Reader Lisa (35) has been struggling with vaginal dryness since taking antidepressants. Making love with her husband Kars (39) was painful for a long time and certain positions such as doggy and lotus were almost impossible. The solution turned out to be lubricants. On EasyToys she found a whole lot of types and flavors that have brought back the fun in bed!

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