Apple proposed early evening watchOS 5.1.2 . This update is especially the opportunity to see the electrocardiogram be activated on the Apple Watch Series 4. We already knew that this feature was reserved for the United States at first and it turns out that Apple really does its best to to prevent its international users from “cheating.”

While making a turn in the settings, it is possible to change the region of its apparatus. We can choose the United States and have some additional access, (like the application Apple News on iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately, this manipulation does not allow to have the electrocardiogram. Indeed, Apple does a check and activates this feature only on the Apple Watch Series 4 that were purchased in the US.

How will Apple do to later activate the electrocardiogram in other country? The developer Guilherme Rambo searched the code of watchOS 5.1.2 and reveals that the blocking by country is of software order. Apple will therefore unlock the situation in the future with updates of iOS.

Apple does not give a date for the launch of the electrocardiogram internationally, the group must first enter into agreements with the health regulators in each region. We already know that Apple is talking to Canadian and European regulators. We do not know where the negotiations are.