Apple will he be back in the visor of the European Commission? Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, announces that she could thoroughly investigate Apple Pay if official complaints are filed.

The European Commission has already thrown at a glance at Apple’s contactless payment service and found that it was not in a dominant position. Despite this, some groups criticize Apple and the use of the NFC chip included in the iPhone and Apple Watch because it is not open, unlike Android smartphones. A bank, for example, can not offer its own NFC payment service on the iPhone because of this limitation.

“When we looked at it, at first glance we could not not see Apple being dominant “said Margrethe Vestager at Reuters . “This does not exclude that in the future we will have a second look. But when we looked back a while, we did not find the evidence needed to start a case. Of course, if we had formal complaints, we would take it seriously, because the entire payments market is a very important market. “she added.

Margrethe Vestager has already Took Google over the last 18 months for abuse of dominant positions with Google Shopping and Android. The fines were 6.8 billion euros. The Commissioner of Competition will continue and is now investigating local searches to ensure that Google does not use unfair practices . Amazon is also in his viewfinder. The merchant is accused of illegally using the data of his merchants to create his own products.