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11-11: Memories Retold

World War I is still an original set, even though Battlefield 1 and Valiant Hearts are no longer a game of unexplored epoch. The stories he calls for writing, however, were still not written. Exploration Adventure 11-11: Memories Retold is just about the top story of the two soldiers of the opposing parties. And although it is not surprising that the fate of the young Canadian photographer Harry and the elderly German father and the skilled mechanic Kurt intersect, it is a story that leaves a trail in the hearts of the players

has a very good atmosphere and a whole story premise, which is already underlined by the fact that all the characters speak their language: German Germans, Canadian English, French French … And the game unconventionally builds on the fact that the parties do not understand, which adds a sympathetically original plane the misunderstanding of the basic phrases in languages ​​like German and English, we did not completely fool). In addition, starring Elijah Wood and Kurt Sebastian Koch starred on Harry’s dabing, so there is no need to worry about the quality of acting


In a similar way, the scenario, in which the characters of Kurt, Harry and his commander, Major Barretta stand out, are also strong. The motivation of all acts is truly believable and equally realistic is their doubts about what they actually do in the war and whether they can achieve their goals or whether they are losing themselves in madness

Do not expect brutal brutality, rather a psychological drama. The story, however, is what makes Memories Retold the most interesting, and we do not want to unnecessarily reveal it more than we need to. So let’s just say he’s grown up and playing mature. The icing on the cake is then the choice – it leads to minor changes in the story and just before the end and to one of a total of about six stories ends

Story interesting but …

It’s a pity that 11-11: Memories Retold sometimes story undermine your own game mechanics. As has been said, this is an exploration adventure where you move within relatively small and closed locations that you explore from a third person perspective

In spite of the small size of the locations, there is something to discover and at first sight, everything is pleasant. But after a while, the survey begins to pull you off the story and dramatic moments. Do you have an important job? Take the time to chat with colleagues or play cards! Someone hysterically yelling your name? No, Rimmer, do not move like a wind, go look at the other end of the map, if there’s no bonus content (what’s sad – rolls!). In an effort to prolong the game and force you to see every corner, the game draws you away from the story, completely degrades its tempo and spoils the gaming experience

Clearly, you can ignore the bonus clips of various documents that are related to interesting chat, but if you really want to complete the game and you are interested in different historical facts, nothing else is left to you

In addition to exploring these locations, you have to talk to the characters, solve simple puzzles, and Kurt to fix the technique in the role of Harry in a non-surprising way. The difficulty pitch is set very low and we dare to say that you play the game lightly, even if you’ve never played – including “creeping” and several more action sequences

It is necessary to say that despite the simplicity, the solution of the various puzzles is pleasant and we will not forget about some of the locations. In others, however, we were not exactly enthusiastic. Overall, this is the average. Play and search for bonuses in about 6 hours, with no bonuses in an hour or two shorter time. Which is just that experimental piece

Unopened visual

Experimental is also the visual of the game, which is also probably the first thing you noticed – the whole game is carried out as a moving oil painting with references to Impressionism. Although in some cases the splendid scenery spells, this style of graphics did not suit us too much: after long playing, somewhat painful eyes and moving graphics did not like. Nevertheless, we became accustomed to this and we understand the effort to differentiate

Exploration 11-11: Memories Retold has taken us to the end and the story has had many strong moments. Good game mechanics have played well, but they suffer from too much simplification, which is the first significant complaint. As the most important minus, we see mainly continuous pulling from the story in the form of collecting gaming tricks

Everything makes us so strongly recommending the game only very carefully. Gaming noblemen and people glimpse into gaming stories and unique ways to tell them, 11-11: Memories Retold will surely appreciate it. We would rather recommend a regular player to the more traditional Valiant Hearts.

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