Apple postpones launch of new product due to major problems

Due to significant problems in the development of one of Apple’s products, the launch has been postponed.

We’re talking about the highly anticipated mixed reality headset. According to the experts, this is the future and it will get a place in the metaverse. The headset would be announced at this year’s WWDC. At the end of this year you could buy it, but due to development problems this will take longer.

Apple delays launch

Companies like Apple also run into problems. They cannot launch products if they are not completely in order. Especially not when safety is at stake. That is kind of the case here. The devices get too hot quickly. This while of course you wear it on your head. Bloomberg shared the news and also said the accompanying software and camera system for tracking users’ movement would be lagging behind.

Still, the news website is positive about the development and they expect that sellers will be able to have the product on the shelves next year. It is also time. The company has been working on the headset since 2015. The overheating issues are not unexpected. At an early stage of development, Apple had an external processor unit as a solution. This idea was scrapped, because an extra device on the headset was seen as clunky (and ugly).

Replacement iPhone

The VR and AR devices are the future according to Apple. They should replace the iPhones in the long run. Initially, this headset would mainly be intended for a niche, to introduce customers to virtual and augmented reality. After that, the teething problems are removed and the product is made available to the masses.

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