‘This is why every mother is a super mom’

My neighbor, who, despite her divorce, puts a smile on her face every day for her daughters, is one. My sister and sister-in-law are too; in addition to their busy jobs, they take care of their own child (ren) and are regularly willing to go out on their day off with my toddler twins.

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They are all super moms. Actually, we are all a super mom, because just giving birth to a child plus years of broken nights is a major achievement. And that should be recognized, we think. That is why Kek Mama has teamed up with Disney, which has so many superheroes in its portfolio that it is an expert in that field.

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Two months ago we wrote an election for the Supermom of the Year: the mother who is always there for others and deserves to be put in the spotlight herself. The winner, who wins a trip with her family to Disneyland Paris, can be found in Kek Mama 16-2020 on page 112.

In an online survey, we asked you, our readers, which qualities you think a super mom has (you can read all the results on page 106) and which famous mother you think is a super mom. Many women called Tooske Ragas. Rightly so; with three children, a bonus child, a husband and a glorious career, she is just the kind of mother I can look at with admiration. She doesn’t know herself, but I have a special bond with Tooske. About twenty years ago she was the very first famous Dutch person I interviewed when I did an internship at a national newspaper.

I was very nervous and literally had trembling knees during our conversation. That turned out not to be necessary: ​​she was so nice. And she still is. I am very proud that she wanted to adorn the cover of this special Supermom edition, which we made together with Disney, with a lot of love, power and magic. An edition full of supermoms. Just like you.

This editorial can be found in Kek Mama 16-2020.

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