Apple iPhones are in Huge Demand, Production Expected to be Increased by 30%

Apple has successfully created either an iPhone or an Apple product across different price points. Ranging from the extremely affordable iPhone SE which sells for $ 400 to the uber-expensive variants of the iPhone 12 Pro Max editions, they have managed to grab the attention of buyers worldwide.

In the past, the company had a strong presence in the United States while pricing was much higher in the majority of the countries. The same phone model which sold for $ 400 in the US was sold for 400 euros or 400 GBP in the United Kingdom without any variations in the currency being converted. While it still continues to be an expensive affair for most people living in different parts of the globe, the company managed to witness a huge spike in sales.

Consumers are rather interested in adopting new technologies as they come by and 5G cellular connectivity is expected to be one of them. The iPhone 12 variants which now support 5G are in huge demand if their sales numbers, as well as requests, are to be taken into account. In a scenario when Apple is expected to deliver on its promise, they have little to complain about and are going to increase their production orders by 30%. Besides, some of the orders have also been moved out of China which expands their ability to deliver more with multiple vendors ready to supply the iPhones with impeccable product quality.

Impressive sales figures

Despite the known fact that Apple sells expensive products in most cases except for products like the iPhone SE or older iPhones, they witnessed millions of sales in 2020. In the year 2021, they are expected to sell at least 95 million phones in the first half of the year. The majority of the sales will go into iPhone 12 models while iPhone SE is also on the cards. It has managed to make an impression in places where an inexpensive iOS device has its requirement.

Within the end of this year, Apple strongly believes that they would have sold at least 230 million iPhones including iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE models. The numbers are 20% more than what they sold last year and production lines have been considerably increased to cope up with this estimated demand among buyers. A series of new products including M1-Powered iMac, new Apple TV, AirPods Pro 2 are also expected to be unveiled in the following months.

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