What is the average income in 2021?

In 2020, the average income of the Dutch was still 2816 euros gross per month (excluding holiday allowance).

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Income effects

The average income means the income that occurs (is earned) the most in the Netherlands. In other words: the salary of an average Dutch person – Jan Modaal. So it is slightly different from the average salary. In the Netherlands, the term is used as a reference point to determine the income effects of government measures.

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The average income is published every year by the Central Plan Bureau (CPB). In 2017, this was 34,000 euros on an annual basis. For 2018 this amount was estimated at 35,000 euros, for 2019 at 36,000 euros and for 2020 at 36,500 euros. The modal income for 2021 has not yet been officially determined by the CPB, in addition to the Visma Raet calculation.

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