AH Voetbal 2021 app: football pictures of more teams

Albert Heijn starts this week with a new savings campaign. From now on you can save new football pictures, and also create your own football pictures.

AH Voetbal 2021 football pictures

If you are shopping at Albert Heijn from this week, you may just receive football pictures at the checkout. From this week, until Sunday 7 February, you can save for the pictures full of football heroes. With every ten euros you score four football pictures. You can buy the collection album in the store where you can paste it. With some promotional products

What is new is that this year you do not only save for the best players from the Eredivisie. You can also save the pictures of women’s football, the Oranje Leeuwinnen and the Dutch national team. Via the AH Voetbal app, which is now ready for 2021, you can digitally keep track of your collection. You scan the football picture and immediately see which one you are missing or which one you have double. You can then share this overview with your friends.

Own football picture

Always wanted to show off on the front of a football picture. With the AH Voetbal app you can create your own football picture and add it to your collection. You choose the shirt of your favorite club, your own name and you can choose a shirt number yourself. Fun; you can have your own football pictures printed and delivered at home. This costs 2.49 euros, where you immediately get 15. You can also share them with others via the social networks.

AH Football
AH Football

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