12 games that deserve a second chance

Some games were torn in the air by gamers and critics when they were released, but now offer a much better gaming experience. We show you twelve games that deserve a second chance.

These 12 games deserve a second chance.
These 12 games deserve a second chance.

12 games that have improved a lot

The video game industry is an industry that is constantly under pressure. Unfortunately, because of this it happens more often that games are released that contain obviously not yet a presentable or desirable state achieved. The reactions to this are as predictable as they are understandable: the game is torn apart in midair and after a few weeks or months not many gamers are talking about it anymore.

But some of these games achieve and over time a lot of subsequent work by the developers in the form of numerous patches actually a stage that gamers would have wished for the release. In our photo gallery at the end of this article, we show you 12 games that have actually earned a better reputation.

Better than their reputation: video games and the second chance

There are many different reasons why video games can attract criticism when released. Often the games are simply not finished yet, Bugs and glitches ruin the fun of the game and open worlds are nothing more than lifeless areas that arouse little interest. These aspects come up particularly badly when the developers may have promised too much beforehand and thus further increase the disappointment and height of the release.

But even if the release turns into a disaster: Many studios continue to work on the game after an initially disappointing release in order to finally deliver a high-quality end product. In our You will find 12 games in the photo gallery, which deserve a second chance with a bit of distance to have.

These 12 Games Are Better Than Their Reputation:

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No trash, here are 12 games that are way better than you think

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