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Do: ‘The whole corona situation made me realize that life is good as it is’

“2020 – The lost year!” an acquaintance shouts. Maybe, but I’m actually looking back on 2020 as a special year. A year in which all cards were reshuffled. As the days get shorter, our lives move from the outside to the inside according to a natural process. Literally, but also figuratively. For me this is accompanied by a moment of reflection.

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A ‘potentially deadly virus’ knocked that moment on my door this year during Easter, when we were compulsory at home. When we were unconsciously liberated en masse from our rat race. Nature pressed for break. By the time the panic subsided, there was room. Not
only in the empty streets, but also in our inner existence. Instead of running out of time, I was now talking about it. Time to enjoy nature, our family, reading, music, hobbies that I didn’t even know I still had.

It remains strange that we are in a pattern in which we are only concerned with tomorrow. More possessions, more money. Diligently looking for peace by filling your days so that you can enjoy later. The idea that my life as it is now is not good enough. That happiness awaits me sometime in the future. The whole situation has made me realize that life is good the way it is. Today I am here and I share my experiences with others who will hopefully benefit from it, without conditions. It is the reason for our existence. The bigger picture is what counts.

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To enjoy

2020 is not a lost year for me, I just received a lot. Not financially, on the contrary, but in terms of happiness. Eckhart Tolle talks about the power of the ‘NOW’ and Marcus Aurelius also writes so beautifully: ‘We are matter that is slowly breaking down, falling apart, on the way to death, turning back to dust. While you are unhappy to collect more days to enjoy in the future, you lose one each day to be happy. ‘ And although I don’t often listen to Dreetje Hazes, today I sing with all my heart: ‘Live, as if it were your last day. Live! ‘

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