Adidas and Microsoft come with special Xbox shoes

This should appeal to the deeply rooted Xbox fan. Adidas and Microsoft have come up with a pair of Xbox shoes together.

This collaboration does not come out of the blue. Xbox is blowing out 20 candles this year. Adidas therefore wants to celebrate the console’s 20th anniversary with a special pair of shoes, conceived in collaboration with Microsoft.

For now it remains with an announcement and a small teaser. We can expect more information about these sneakers in the coming months. The design is a nod to the typical Xbox design from the past and present. The typical green color of the console, for example, is prominently reflected in the design.

It is the first time that Adidas has released shoes for Xbox gamers in this way. Presumably, getting these sneakers is even harder than an Xbox Series X itself. Why? Because Adidas will not just sell these shoes in the store.

Microsoft and Adidas are planning to let fans buy the Xbox shoes in a special way, how or what is not yet known. In addition, it has been announced that the first pair will be given away by Xbox via Twitter. Check the attached video to see the special Xbox shoes from Adidas.

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