The Hyundai NEXO is getting an urgently needed software update

The NEXO is the first fuel cell electric car from Hyundai – 1000 vehicles have been sold since the start of sales in 2018. We got to look at the 2022 NEXO, which is basically the same car but has an updated infotainment system.

The NEXO is a fuel cell electric vehicle with a range of up to 666 km (WLTP) and a refueling time of less than five minutes. The current version of the navigation system is a 12.3-inch touchscreen with a seamless glass cover and an updated user interface that feels even more user-friendly.

BlueLink is an app that enables remote access and control of some vehicle functions. With the update, three user profiles can now be created and the natural sounds that we already know from the IONIQ 5 can be played.

The update also improved the image quality of the blind spot detection – it is unlikely that anything has changed on the cameras, but the video feed is much sharper than before.

Hyundai not only uses fuel cell technology for the NEXO – this SUV is actually the manufacturer’s smallest fuel cell model.

The XCIENT Fuel Cell is the first series-produced fuel cell truck in the world – there is already a truck fleet in Switzerland that has covered a total of one million kilometers. When you consider that Switzerland is only 220 km from north to south and 350 km from east to west, that’s pretty impressive. Hyundai plans to bring the XCIENT to the streets in Germany, the Niederladen and France as well.

Hyundai hasn’t been shy about talking about its ambitions for urban air vehicles, ships, and trains to be added to its Hydrogen portfolio. Hyundai has also confirmed that all of its commercial vehicles from 2028 will have a fuel cell version. This is just another sign of the South Korean brand’s commitment to popularize Hydrogen by 2040.

Hyundai also wants to develop aircraft, ships and trains based on fuel cell technology – and from 2028 there will also be a fuel cell model for all Hyundai vehicles. This shows how much the South Korean manufacturer is committed to making hydrogen a popular fuel by 2040.

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