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6 reasons to opt for cool second-hand baby stuff more often

6 reasons to opt for cool second-hand baby stuff more often

There are quite a few expenses on your mind when you are pregnant. Fortunately, cool baby gear doesn’t all have to be expensive. By opting for hip second-hand more often, you can buy beautiful vintage items, while together you also make a difference for the world. You can easily give beautiful baby items a new life. And for this reason.

Nice and affordable

Layettes are expensive. And that while you want to think about your budget in that happy period. Fortunately, you can shop really well and affordably with other parents. The useful life of baby equipment is often short, so it can usually still be found on Marktplaats in good condition. Parents often purchase unnecessarily much, which means that quite a few things remain unused. And so just new, for a small price, for you. Well arranged: do you still have some budget for a nice dinner with your sweetheart.

Bye, waste

Buying everything new – and therefore continuing to produce – is of course not good for the environment. With a small one on the way, you may want to help make the world a little more beautiful. Taking over second-hand beautiful things from other parents is a nice step. Do you think that your action will not make any difference? You’re wrong. In this way, things not only last longer, but more people also enjoy them more. In this way, millions of Marktplaats visitors together contribute to a world in which people share more and waste less.

Meet & Greet

Picking up stuff? How handy: in front of you are experienced parents who can tell you all about the baby stuff. You get their knowledge and the best tips for free. This nice meeting is much nicer than figuring it out yourself with a manual, isn’t it? And so cosy!


Do you often have a few screws left over or did you mount that shelf of your new furniture just the wrong way round? The useful advantage of a second-hand crib or changing table is that you no longer have to assemble it. Saves blood, sweat and tears again. Or hurts relationshiptroubles with your handyman lover, while those – not always patient – hormones rage through your body.

You are the stylist

How nice to make the nursery or layette nice to style with cool vintage items? This way you always have something unique in your own design. Discover your own style with Pinterest or cut and paste a nice mood board. You can refurbish old classic furniture in a fantastic way or pimp with a lick of paint, new upholstery or a classy colored paw.

Pass around

Compromise on quality? No. If you choose good quality, you also choose cool baby items with a longer lifespan. Consider, for example, a high chair, high-quality baby carrier or wooden box. These are not easy to break and you can easily give them a second, third or even fourth life. And are you tired of your purchases again? Then you earn an easy penny by offering it for sale again. And did you know that quality brands retain their value, so you can still sell them for a good amount.

And did you know that

it is possible on Marktplaats to save your favorite brands or items on your wishlist as a search query on Marktplaats? When a new advertisement comes online, you will receive a notification. Useful for popular articles. View all baby products on Marktplaats here. Ideal!

By giving baby stuff a second life, you make a big difference together. Watch the video here.

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